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Mechanical behaviour of materials

We are specialized in the thermomechanical behaviour of organic & metallic materials in the solid state. We put our expertise at your service in order to carry out your characterization campaigns in quasi-static and fatigue. Thus the constructed databases can be used to identify constitutive law behaviour.

As a result of our activities and skills, we have obtained the French Research Tax Credit (CIR) approval in 2019. It allows you to benefit from a 30% reduction of your eligible R&D expenses.


We work in close collaboration with researchers & technicians from the Dupuy de Lôme Research Institute (IRDL), on the Lorient and Brest sites. We thus have access to a large number of experimental means, enabling us to analyse the physico-chemical and mechanical behaviour of most materials (high-resolution thermal camera, SEM, DMA, electrodynamic traction machine, deformation field measurement by stereo image correlation, etc.).

Through this cooperation, it is also possible for us to offer our services on large scale projects in which everyone brings his know-how.


Fatigue behaviour

In order to characterise the mechanical behaviour of your materials, we carry out specific quasi-static tests to highlight their particularities (plasticity, viscosity, isotropy, etc.). We can also analyse their behaviour under oligocyclic stress in order to deduce their fatigue resistance. These tests are investigated on previous work carried out at IRDL/ENSTA Bretagne, through innovative heat build-up measurements. It is thus possible to quickly determine a relevant energy criterion, taking into account the fatigue properties of the studied materials. It is no longer necessary to carry out a long characterization campaign to generate Wohler curves.

Équipement - essai de fatigue
Variation de température / chargement cyclique / 3 polymères
Champ de température / fissuration / essai de fatigue