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Engineering software

We put our expertise at your service to meet your needs as closely as possible. We develop tools that allow you to optimize tasks, automate them, predict behaviors or even interface software with each other. The goal is for you to gain in productivity while facilitating your digital developments.

Example of realization: Jounce bumper predictor

We have produced a tool to predict in real-time the mechanical behavior of jounce bumper vehicle, using an artificial neural network. A substantial database therefore had to be provided in order to obtain very good correlations. We can thus predict in real time quantities from mechanical fields as well as the saturation curve of the studied geometry. The optimization algorithms make it possible to orient the design by considering a multi-constrained problem in order to respect as best as possible the specifications. The design of the shock absorber system is thus facilitated. This tool can be adapted by our teams to your problems by integrating your requirements.

Real-time prediction of mechanical fields (Mises stress, strain, …) & saturation curve

Real-time calculation of minimum thicknesses, undercuts, volume, mass, …

Optimization of the shape according to the defined goals (objective saturation curve respecting a maximum criterion of constraint, for example)

– “Pre-tension” of the bumper against the shaft taken into account by the model

Specification of the maximum outer limits of the jounce bumper during the shape optimization

Export of the model in STL or STEP format or in the form of a basic mesh allowing the control of the result by FEA

Simulation of the studied case & video demonstration of the tool