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Numerical simulation

Numerical simulation is an essential tool, which has its place in all creative and expertise processes. Prototyping phases are indeed reduced, the understanding of strain mechanisms and physical phenomena is simplified and decision making is facilitated. Your development costs are thus reduced and their implementation is accelerated.

In order to support your teams and give you access to new possibilities, we propose to take charge of the modeling of your problems by the finite element method.

gif calcul simulation elements finis assemblage automobile

Our know-how allows us to carry out all types of calculations, in quasi-static and dynamic, in large transformations and with the possibility of modelling thermal couplings.

We are thus able to offer our services to perform structural, shaping & process calculations, as well as design optimization.


Law behaviour

If the behaviour laws proposed within the calculation codes do not meet your needs, we can develop user behaviour laws. This can be to report a specific behaviour of your material, or to develop a law similar to the one you use in your calculation codes, which would not be provided in our tools.

Essai de flexion simultation - validation loi de comportement

Our mechanical behaviour expertise gives us the necessary hindsight to be relevant in this type of development.

We can rely on existing databases, on the response of your models and also on tests that we would have carried out.

Software used by our teams

The data setting of your models as well as their resolution are mainly performed on finite element software Abaqus and Altair HyperWorks & Radioss.